[Catalyst] Weird bug invovling "+" in URIs

apv apv at sedition.com
Thu Sep 7 09:38:37 CEST 2006

I dug around a little but can't find what's causing it (I'm not good  
enough with Cat's internals). I'm guessing it's related to a regular  
express applied to the paths not being \Q'd or something, somewhere.  
URI::, or in the ::Dispatch space, beats me.

Having a "+" in URIs messes up the subsequent uri_for as well as the  
path info (I'm not even sure which types of handlers are doing it,  
but for me, it's at least "Path : Arg" combinations; not Regex. You  
can add a "+" to some public Catalyst based sites to see it.

   Requesting: http://www.dresdner-ball-street.de/view/+
     Reports the requested resource as: "/view/+/+.html"

It's causing trouble for an app of mine I'm trying to migrate to  
Catalyst. I was using, perhaps foolishly but b/c I've seen the big  
boys (Google and Answers) do it, "+"s as the equivalent of " "s.

Thanks! Sorry I couldn't dig it out myself.


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