[Catalyst] Spending time with Catalyst (slightly OT)

Matthieu Codron matthieu at codron.org
Sat Sep 9 14:27:45 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

I routinely develop Catalyst stuff for my own purposes and I find out 
that I am spending much more time actually working on the client side 
stuff ( HTML, CSS and Javascript ) than on the server side.
Have some of you the same feeling? Ever since playing with Ajax stuff, I 
have the firm impression that while I now have a decent framework on the 
server side, the client side is now where I spend most of my development 
time ... Can (or will) Catalyst encompass some client-side aspects? I 
have been using HTML::Prototype but I have not found any added value. As 
for javascript frameworks, I use Prototype and script.aculo.us. I have 
considered Dojo but the documentation is kind of lacking ...
I seek therefore your advice, because I want to develop mostly Perl 
stuff and not spend days writing (unmaintaineable) Javascript. To me 
Google's approach (in GWT) with the Java to Javascript seems like a one 
(somewhat elegant) way to handle this ...
What do you think?


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