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Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Thu Sep 14 18:44:53 CEST 2006

> And as kind of coincidence just today I've seen this:
> http://www.trac-hacks.org/  It is a site hosting svn archives of all
> kinds of plugins, macros and patches for Trac - even unfinished ones.
> Wouldn't a Catalyst hacks site be beneficial for us?


I've tried a few of the trac hacks on my own trac site, and they are
largely useless and broken.  A bunch of half-baked pieces of code that
may or may not work is not something I would consider beneficial for the
Catalyst project.

A collection of well-tested, well-documented modules, however, *is*
useful; and that's what the CPAN is.  Nothing's stopping you from
uploading crap to the CPAN, but the crap is weeded out pretty quickly.
95% of the modules on the CPAN are "pretty good" or better. In addition,
you get free mirroring, problem tracking, ratings, forums,
cross-platform test reports, advice on how to improve your module
(CPANTS), etc., etc.  track-hacks is just a wiki with some code you can

The disadvantage of CPAN is that you might have some neat code but don't
feel like getting a PAUSE account, creating a module, writing tests, and
all that.  If that's the case, talk to me (jrockway on irc.perl.org) and
I'll help you clean everything up and get it on CPAN.  We can also
probably host the code in the Catalyst SVN tree, and of course mention
it in the next release of the documentation!

Let me reiterate -- if you have a half-baked hack it's very likely that
someone will help you polish it into a fully-baked module!  Just ask --
there's no excuse for sitting on your cool hack :)

Jonathan Rockway

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