[Catalyst] Gentoo Catalyst-portge overlay?

Michele Beltrame mb at italpro.net
Fri Sep 15 17:07:49 CEST 2006

Hello all!

Just to to let you know that my ADSL line (where the ebuilds SVN 
repository is located) tragically went down on Tuesday evening and the 
company is still "investigating" on the reasons. Internet service has 
always been crappy in Italy, but this is probably my worst experience.

Anyhow, the line will likely not be up again before Monday. I always 
hope in a miracle...

The tarball is always available, as it's located in another server 
located in a far more robust hosting environment:


Sorry for the inconvenience.


Michele Beltrame
ICQ# 76660101
Informativa privacy: http://www.italpro.net/em.html

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