[Catalyst] Strange error

Thomas Klausner domm at cpan.org
Mon Sep 18 16:18:00 CEST 2006


On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 10:47:56AM -0500, Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> I didn't see a reply to this, so could you please run your app in the
> debugger and give us a backtrace?  Is this a reproduceable bug, or
> random?  If reproduceable, how does one produce the bug?  If not, any

It appears to be random.

> other details about when this occurs (output from myapp_server.pl
> running in debug mode would help). Are you using mod_perl?


> If so, are
> you using mpm_worker?  (If not mpm_worker, which mpm?)  Does the problem
> occur with myapp_server?  Does it occur with fastcgi?

Unfortunatly I have only limited user rights on the machine CPANTS is
running. I'll check with the sysadmin, though.

> As a user of CPANTS, I notice that reloading the page often makes the
> "please come back later" message go away, so I think there's some
> thread-safety issue or race condition going on.  The fact that your
> server is dying means something is very very wrong with your app :)

That might be the case. CPANTS::Site started with some ancient version
of Catlyst and I might have missed some issues when updating.

> Finally, any chance you could enable Debug mode on the real CPANTS site?
>  Having that information available to me would help me learn about the
> problem.  (I don't want to setup a full CPANTS production environment
> and CPAN mirror unless I have to :)

debug-mode is enabled now

#!/usr/bin/perl                               http://domm.zsi.at
for(ref bless{},just'another'perl'hacker){s-:+-$"-g&&print$_.$/}

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