[Catalyst] Invoke *complete* subrequests in Catalyst?

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Tue Sep 19 21:39:04 CEST 2006

You might want to rethink using a plugin and instead just create a
custom controller that does what you want.  This has the advantage of
not employing any trickery, so it's easy to figure out what's going on.
   I prefer code that does what it says, rather than some magic that
gets mysteriously called during prepare()/finalize().  As mst indirectly
mentions, this can be prone to bugs, whereas your own controller (that
you can call from /begin or /auto and /end anyway) won't fall victim to
the unintended side effects here (i.e. calling prepare/finalize in other

Your own controller is also easier to debug than the interaction between
a plugin, NEXT, and the Catalyst core :)

That said, how about the Larry Wall way:

my $me   my $page 
Hopefully you're using myapp_server -f or the POE engine :/


Jonathan Rockway

Nate Wiger wrote:
> Is there a way to invoke a complete subrequest, with a complete request 
> cycle, in Catalyst? I've tried the Plugin::SubRequest and it's a step in 
> the right direction, but what I need is something that allows complete 
> prepare()/finalize() functionality.
> I'm building an AJAX app with FormBuilder, and want to use it to embed 
> multiple forms in a page (each of which would be linked to a different 
> action and submitted using JQuery). I've found I can do this, but I've 
> had to make changes to the FB plugin so that it only instantiates an 
> object on a call to $c->form, and doesn't use prepare() to do so. This 
> then requires a bit of internal magic to work both normally and in 
> subrequest mode.
> Other ideas?
> -Nate
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