[Catalyst] Session cookie and permanent state

Yuval Kogman nothingmuch at woobling.org
Sun Sep 24 11:23:23 CEST 2006

On Sun, Sep 24, 2006 at 02:59:23 +0000, Fayland Lam wrote:

> now I'm using it. but I find something wrong. (guess it it!)
> Always return expires => undef in the
> Catalyst::Plugin::Session::DynamicExpiry 0.02
> the Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie 0.06 sub
> make_session_cookie call calculate_session_cookie_expires
> but in Catalyst::Plugin::Session::DynamicExpiry 0.02, there is no
> calculate_session_cookie_expires.

Right, that's in Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie.

If $cfg->{cookie_expires} exists but is 0 then all browser cookies
use session expiry (until the browser closes), instead of timed

If this value is not overridden it will call $c->session_expires,
which *is* managed by C::P::Session::DynamicExpiry (albeit

In short, you shouldn't need to do this.

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