[Catalyst] RESTful perl implementations...

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 17:08:10 CEST 2006

-- Garrett Goebel <ggoebel at goebel.ws> wrote:

> I'm sure this is too late to be useful. But here is
> my subclassed  
> Catalyst::Action to implemented RESTful request
> method based  
> dispatching. [I've been working on this in my free
> time. Which I have  
> precious little of lately. My apologies.]
> The references to $c->request->path_parameters are
> to support RoR  
> style processing of urls (foo.com/person;create)
> where  
> Catalyst::Dispatcher->perpare_action is overridden
> to match url paths  
> separate from path parameters and file extensions.
> I also override Catalyst::Dispatcher->setup_actions
> to change the  
> default method_action_class to my subclass of
> Catalyst::Action. I was  
> surprised that default method_action_class and
> action_container_class  
> appear to be hard coded...
[snipped content]

You can do this more easily as a Action Class, (see
for some documentation).  This was released with
Catalyst 5.7x and easy to miss if you don't have time
to watch the mailing list closely.

I wrote something similar and shared it with the list
but there didn't seem to be much interest.  I've
attached what I did for you to check out.  Maybe if
this kind of this is useful to you we can work
together to fix it up and write some tests and release
it as a real module.  Let me know if you have time for

I kind of wanted this to be more than just an action
to match on the method type, I was hoping to have it
automatically in/deflate the request body to something
like XML::Simple or other XML object to make it easier
to build true RESTful apps.  If would be cool if
(something like)

sub restful_xml : Local 
  my ($self, $c) 
  my $xml                      ## $c->request->body

  $c->xml->{entry} }

And then the return would serialize the xml object. 
I'm not sure about the syntax here (Am particularly
doubtful about '$c->xml' since I don't think it's nice
to polute the context namespace this way) but
something like this could be useful.  Let me know what
you think I have some time to clean this up.


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