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Harshal Shah harshal.shah at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 11:35:56 CEST 2006

Hi friends,

Catalyst is so far the best framework I have found to make web based
applications (ruby is there ..but perl is god) .

I've been toying around with catalyst for couple of months and made few web
based applications using catalyst. I realized that all web applications have
few common set of features.

Basically i ended up duplicating quite a bit of stuff within each app and
across also. Point is ..it would be really nice to jump start catalyst. for
instance, "catalyst.pl MyApp" should be much more than empty framework.

I know people have their own choice of each component and module..but having
basic set of components built-in would be certainly nice to have. Everyone
may night need this solution .but for people who want to rapidly start
deploying..this will be a boon.

currently i am working on it to include :

   1. Basic Authentication and authorization (User and role tables )
   based on DBIx::Class
   2. Front end CSS/Jquery based menu system.
   3. CRUD for user & role tables, db schema can be used to generate
   necessary forms & layouts.
   4. Basic javascript based form validation (again schema can be used
   5. and more ...

I know these things are very user/developer/application specific, but also
common components across most web based application.

Is something like this already available or in making ?

Can it be more generic ?

Harshal Shah
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