[Catalyst] Read operation over multiple tables

Nagarajan M naga_cit at yahoo.co.in
Sat Sep 30 01:17:41 CEST 2006

  I have three tables and the relations described as below
  1. books
       - book_id
       - book_name
  (has many authors)
  2.  author
       - author_id
       - author_name
  (has many books)
  3. book_author
      - book_author_id
      - book_id (from book table)
      - author_id (from author table)
      - comments
  belongs to book
  belongs to author
  Its all loaded successfully when I start the catalyst developement server.
  Here is the problem,
  I want to read data which involves all three tables,
  Here is the SQL,
  ======  select c.* from book c, author b, book_author t where t.author_id=b.author_id and t.book_id=c.book_id and c.book_name='something';
  In the catalyst example, I seeing  only
  How to do the above sql in catalyst DBIC plugin ...
  Thanks for your time ....

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