[Catalyst] Internet Explorer.... not doing the log-in & redirectthing?

Michael Higgins mhiggins at banfieldgroup.com
Mon Apr 2 21:02:09 GMT 2007

Following my own post... 

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> Hello, folks --
> Using IE7, log-in with redirect (just like the tutorial) 
> doesn't work. 
> I did see it work twice (after resetting the development 
> server and all IE
> settings) so I know it's possible, but it seems like it's hit or miss.
> No problem at all in Firefox.
> What needs to happen to fix this browser? Clients will be 
> using it, unfortunately.
> Short of an answer to that, what are my options for finding 
> where the problem lies?

No answer yet, so here's some more information, sort of.

>From what I can tell, when authentication and redirection fails, the query
paramaters aren't being gathered, so no authentication is taking place.

    my $username = $c->request->params->{username} || ""; 
    my $password = $c->request->params->{password} || "";

DBIC_TRACE-ing showed me there never was a query to authenticate, and this
debug statement seems to show the query parameters are never acquired. 

Except, _sometimes_ they are. 

Sending the query parameters directly after the url works every time.

Any thoughts?

Michael Higgins

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