[Catalyst] YAPC::Europe Call for Hackathons

Thomas Klausner domm at cpan.org
Wed Apr 4 16:00:09 GMT 2007


On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 10:54:35AM +0100, Ash Berlin wrote:
> What is involved in moderating such a beast?

I assume you've read this page:

We plan this hackathons to be part team meeting of the core developers, 
part community hacking (on bugs/features/docs/tests) and part 
introduction to newbies.

Basically, a moderator would need to give a short introduction on the 
topic and than
- have a well-defined list of tasks ranging from simple (something 
  anybody with some programming background can achiev in a 2 hours) to 
  complex (e.g. important issues that are better discussed in real live 
  than in IRC/mailing list)
- hand out those tasks
- help newcomers (but we're not really looking for a introduction 
- and generally herd the cats

Our idea was that people might continue to work on issues brought up at 
the hackathon during the rest of the conference (a bit like a slightly 
organised hallway track), and to introduce newcomers and make it easy 
for them to cuntribute.

But we're also open to any suggestions coming from people proposing 
hackathons :-)
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