[Catalyst] UK Catalyst jobs

Carl Johnstone catalyst at fadetoblack.me.uk
Thu Apr 5 11:20:10 GMT 2007


I work for the Guardian Media Group in their regional division based in
Manchester, England. We run the websites for the groups various regional
interests - mainly newspapers, but we also have a local TV station Channel
M. Our flagship title is the Manchester Evening News, for which we've just
launched a new site built on Catalyst.

We're currently looking at expanding our web presence both for existing
titles/sites and into new areas, so are looking at expanding the development

We're a Perl shop, and have been running a mod_Perl/Apache::Registry based 
setup for several years. We've recently made the decision to adopt Catalyst 
for future developments.

We're looking for a number of server-side developers to come and join the 
existing team here:


And as Catalyst allows a reasonable separation of presentation, we're also 
looking for client-side/JavaScript developers.


Finally there's a little more blurb here:



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