[Catalyst] code after finalize: mod_perl, testserver ok - fastcgi not

Josef Chladek josef.chladek at boerse-express.com
Sat Apr 7 10:00:19 GMT 2007

hello list,

we try to execute some long running code after finishing the request,

     $c->response->content_type('text/html; charset=utf-8');

while this works perfectly when running the testserver or under  
mod_perl, it won't work when used with apache and

FastCgiExternalServer  /usr/local/www/catalyst/Xatalyst/script/ 
xatalyst_fastcgi.pl -flush -host

the process returns the output to the browser AFTER the code has run  
(or even worse, after 30 secs we get a timeout, which we could change  
by setting the -idle-timeout for fastcgi, but is not what we really  

we tried the Catalyst::Plugin::AfterFinalize (which was posted to  
this list in october)

     $c->response->content_type('text/html; charset=utf-8');
     $c->res->body('der newsletter wird verschickt');
     $c->after_finalize(sub{ very_long_running_code($self,$c)});

again, this works under testserver and mod_perl, but not with fastcgi  
in apache.

any suggestions how to change the code, so we could use it with  


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