[Catalyst] Re: HTML::FormFu and Rose::DB::Object?

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Sat Apr 7 19:46:26 GMT 2007

Le 7 avr. 07 à 20:29, Jeff Chimene a écrit :
> I realize that one is supposed to be born knowing these things, but  
> for
> those of us who arrived late to the party:
>     In view.tt, edit,tt results.tt there are references to methods  
> isa()
> and can()
>     Are those methods from Rose, from Template Toolkit ...?
> I realize that there's probably a Google query that can answer this
> question immediately, but they are common words, and a satisfactory
> search is difficult to construct.

perldoc perlobj

"Default UNIVERSAL methods"

That's basic Perl, nothing to see with Rose or TT

David Morel

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