[Catalyst] new C::P::A::LDAP for new-style C::P::A

Evan Carroll evan at dealermade.com
Thu Apr 12 20:10:42 GMT 2007

I've create a new version of C::P::A::LDAP to work with the new C::P::A
api more info at a:

The new version has run-time configuration of dns and rules, this
allows namespaces that can be configured at login. This functionality
is required by portal like sites that need namespaces for each
client/company. It also has full store functionality so it won't hit
the directory on each successive call to $c->user.

so you can do something like base_dn: dc=%s,dc=%s,ou=clients;o=Company
and resolve that on a call to ->authenticate(
{basedn_values = [ 'foo', 'com'], id => 'username', pw => 'password' }

As a last note this version also keeps a config object from login which
mirrors the C::P::A::LDAP config on compile time, but reflects the
modifications made on the call to ->authenticate(), this can be accessed
with $c->user->config and utilized from within a module. Examples of
applications in pod.

I don't have any tests created largely because I don't see any
useful ones that are easily created, but there is documentation in the .tar.gz as 

You can find a copy at comments welcome.

Evan Carroll
System Lord of the Internets
evan at dealermade.com

ps unban me from #catalyst.

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