[Catalyst] oe1.orf.at now running on Catalyst

Thomas Klausner domm at cpan.org
Thu Apr 19 08:56:16 GMT 2007

I'd like to officially announce another website powered by Catalyst

which is the website of the Austrian radio station Oe1:

  Oesterreich 1: Free from commercial advertising and with an emphasis 
  on cultural subjects and information, this program stands out in terms 
  of reach. With a 7 percent market share in the age group 35+ 
  (Radiotest, 2006) OE1 is one of Europe's most successful stations of 
  its kind. All in all, Oesterreich 1, with a daily reach of 8,7 
  percent, is heard by more than 640 000 listeners per day. A well 
  balanced melange of speech and music, top competence in news reporting 
  and a large number of broadcasts from cultural events are securing the 
  channel's success also for the time to come.

  OE1 pays special attention to current affairs. News bulletins at the 
  full hour and coverage of topical subjects in eight journals a day 
  provide the listeners with the latest news and most competent 
  background information. The broadcaster's efforts are rewarded by a 
  constantly growing number of journal listeners.

The website features background information on various programs, 
detailed information on the contents of each program, discussion 
boards, etc.

A key feature is MP3 download of selected programs. Currently, registered users
can download aprox 30 hours of content per week, coming from 42 different
programs. There are ~5.000 registered users who download aprox. 320.000 MP3
files a year.

oe1.orf.at was initially developed using a home-made CMS and first 
launched in October 2003. For various reasons, we ported it to Catalyst 
in the last few months and launched the new, Catalyst-based version on 
April 2nd 2007.

Besides Catalyst, core components are DBIx::Class and Template::Toolkit. 

Thanks to incredible flexibility of Catalyst, we could reuse most of the 
form handling parts of our old CMS with very little work. Porting the 
form handling to something more Catalysty wasn't an option due to lack 
of time and because native Catalyst form handling still seems to be a 
too fast moving target.

The content on the site is generated from several different sources: 
There is a editorial staff who prepares articles and helps responsible 
persons from each program to generate articles. The program data is 
dumped from the interal tool used to prepare the actual on-air 
broadcasting. User data is stored in a SAP system, which exchanges data 
with the website through various files. Some content ("Inforadio") is 
prepared by an editorial staff from a different department and fetched 
via XML::RPC.

Perl and CPAN were very helpfull glueing all this different data sources 

Thanks to all of you for Catalyst, DBIx::Class, help on IRC and the 
mailing list. If you happen to visit Vienna (BTW, there's a YAPC::Europe 
happening here) drop me a line so we can get together for a
$favourite_beverage !

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