[Catalyst] Team needed for Catalyst project work in Eastern Europe?

Ian Docherty catalyst at iandocherty.com
Thu Apr 19 11:27:54 GMT 2007

We are looking for a small team of Catalyst programmers, based in 
Eastern Europe, who may be interested in a project.

The project is to replace an existing PHP/MySql transaction processing 
web application with a new application written
in Catalyst/DBIC

Some analysis of the current application is required to reverse engineer 
it, but the new system will be much more flexible
to configure and to expand into other applications. Work has already 
started on the application but progress is slow
due to other commitments so we are looking to start up a dedicated team 
to complete this work.

Anyone who feels they have the commercial experience for this please 
contact me privately and we can discuss this in
more detail.

Ian C. Docherty (icydee).

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