[Catalyst] Installing vs. In-Place running: Part Deux

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Thu Apr 19 19:54:45 GMT 2007

The same old story is that Cat apps are unique that you can run them in
place and install nothing.

For those who don't mind that using source control to merge new app
updates with local changes, that's ok. For those who want to upgrade the
app and not have their stuff overwritten, and not spend time doing
svn/svk merge, this can be a problem.

Solving the problem for modules is easy: userspace app inherits base app
classes. Base app classes get upgraded...all is well.

The next issue is templates. The suggestion was made to have TT point to
additional paths: the local app being the first search path, and the
base templates being the second path being the second. As long as
template were modular enough to get overridden in small pieces, all is we=

To this end, has anyone ever installed/ran a Cat app that installs it's
/root/[templates] into some form of share/auto (using
Module::Install::Share and the like)?

I would assume that if one has enough permissions to read a perm source
file from site_lib, there's also enough permissions to read temples from
there as well.

Now of course, /root/static/ 'could' be served from there using the dev
server, and Apache if perms were setup, but it probably shouldn't be.

In the end, static css/js files should be just like templates, serve
from local first, and installed share last.

Has anyone gone down this road yet?


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