[Catalyst] forwarding to chained actions

Bernhard Graf catalyst2 at augensalat.de
Tue Apr 24 10:06:49 GMT 2007

Roberto Henríquez wrote:

> if you end your update action with a forward, you also have another
> problem. The user ends up viewing the data item under a
> "/data/xxxx/update" URL; I consider way more elegant to issue a
> redirection to the "view data" uri right after the update. Thus, in
> your case I would do
> $c->res->redirect( $c->uri_for( "/data/$id") );
> after the update is done. And the address displayed in the browser
> would be "/data/xxx" instead of an ugly "update" url.

Well, thank you, but redirects are the things I try to avoid for several 
Bernhard Graf

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