[Catalyst] Re: forwarding to chained actions

Bernhard Graf catalyst2 at augensalat.de
Tue Apr 24 17:35:48 GMT 2007

Nilson Santos Figueiredo Junior wrote:

> On 4/24/07, Bernhard Graf <catalyst2 at augensalat.de> wrote:
> > I don't want to be rude, but could you guys open your own thread
> > when you want to discuss pros and cons of forwards and redirects?
> This is the classic XY problem[1]. They're trying to show you that Y
> is bad for solving X.
> No one wants to discuss the pros or cons of forwards vs redirects
> (since it's an already settled debate). They're trying to show you
> the proper way of solving X.

I've already found *my* proper way. None of the alleged problems apply 
to my application.

That said I would like to repeat my question:

Is there a way to forward to (the end point of) a chained action and run 
the whole action chain again?

Just forget about the example.
Bernhard Graf

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