[Catalyst] How to pass vars to modules

RA Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Fri Apr 27 17:06:40 GMT 2007

Dave Rolsky wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, RA Jones wrote:
>> Just for information, why do you say that? The tutorial suggests 
>> doing just that.
> Doing that to load non-Catalyst plugins buys you nothing, and obscures 
> how modules are loaded. For example, when I want to find all the 
> modules I'm using, I usually do something like this:
>   grep -r '^use '
> Then I might run that through sort and uniq to trim the list.
> Why add yet another way to load modules? It's not like passing module 
> names to catalyst like that will do something different.
> Where in the tutorial does it suggest you load non-Catalyst modules 
> like this?
Sorry, it wasn't the tutorial, but the catalyst POD under the 
Description section:

If your plugin starts with a name other than Catalyst::Plugin::, you can 
fully qualify the name by using a unary plus:

   use Catalyst qw/

But it's OK as I'm persuaded by the previous arguments that it is better 
to load non-plugin modules in the controllers as needed. 
DBIx::Class::QueryLog was probably a better example to cite which I 
previously loaded as +DBIx::Class::QueryLog.
Richard Jones
Leeds, UK

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