[Catalyst] mod_proxy and https

Duncan Ferguson duncan.ferguson at altinity.com
Mon Aug 6 17:40:29 GMT 2007

Hiya list,

If I have read the archives correctly, the only way to use http and  
https to the front end it to have 2 backend servers, once running  
http, the other forced to https, otherwise uri_for will not return  
the correct paths to the front end on the https ports.

Is this still the case?  Will the next version of Catalyst::Runtime  
help with only having one backend instance (I can see having 2  
backend instances may be harder to manage, esp. when sharing session  
data between them - more hoops to jump through).

I have thought about overriding uri_for so all paths are returned to  
the browser as https.  I was surprised I couldn't find a sub similar  
to uri_for that didn't include the uri type and server name ('http:// 
server/status' vs '/status') so the original connection type is  
continued, but not sure what the implications of this might be (just  
thought of if, not fully thought it through yet).



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