[Catalyst] output to tt2 and pdf

Ulf Lenski lenski at mdc-berlin.de
Wed Aug 8 15:01:25 GMT 2007

on http://www.catalystframework.org i found:
"And in case you want PNG or PDF output, you'll need just a few lines..."
where can I find an example for the PDF output?

What I need:
The HTML-ouput in 1:1 as pdf-download on the same page!


I create a list of names in the controller bla and bring this list to a
web-page via TT:

sub list : Local
my ( $self, $c) = @_;
$c->stash->{name}  = [ $c->model('XY::Name')->all];
$c->stash->{template} = 'name.tt2'

localhost:3000/bla/list ---> make a list of all names

On the same page I would like to give the user the option (as a link?)
to download this list of names as a pdf-file.

How can I handle this???

thanks for help - ulf.

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