[Catalyst] output to tt2 and pdf

Matt Rosin telebody at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 03:29:30 GMT 2007

> http://search.cpan.org/~andrewf/Template-Latex-2.17/lib/Template/Plugin/Latex.pm
> TT can make PDFs too.

I also crawled cpan thinking there might be a magic Catalyst View. The
above looks very nice and powerful though of course requires that you
write in latex. This is of course not a big problem but I was
wondering if anyone has used PDF::Reuse with TT. For example if you
drew a PDF form in OpenOffice Writer, and printed it as a PDF, it is
my impression anyway that you could then use it as a very fast
precompiled form (well maybe the latex plugin is also precompiling I'd

I'm actually curious also since I was examining latex and other
options (inkscape?) to make a system to generate professional looking
restaurant menus for my sister's restaurant www.michaelsonthehill.com
for example the current summer menu I made in OpenOffice and printed
as a PDF. And I have another client with a PDF order form..

Anyway I will look more at the latex module too. However I may not be
able to use latex on the server I will be renting. Hm time to start
another thread..


Matt Rosin

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