[Catalyst] Catalyst hosting: the wiki page

Michele Beltrame mb at italpro.net
Sat Aug 11 16:20:06 GMT 2007

Hello all!

I created a page on the Catalyst wiki containing a (commented) list of the
providers we used/are using to deploy Catalyst apps. Hopefully, it'll become a
good reference point. This is the address:


Please add your comments and/or your providers. If you add a comment, put yours
as the first one. When you're done commenting, please update the main page as
well with the new rating and number of comments.

If you don't have write access to the wiki, you can just send me the information
via e-mail and I'll add it.

Thanks everybody!


Michele Beltrame
ICQ 76660101 - MSN mb at italpro.net
Privacy: http://www.italpro.net/em.html

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