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Sun Aug 12 14:48:37 GMT 2007

Very good Idea!

I'm surprised that asmallorange.com is not listed. Two weeks ago I searched
this list's archives for the same information and I found at least two
people were recommending it over dreamhost as an inexpensive shared

I did open an account with them, and I'm happy with them, so I'm going to
comment about it. I have not tried catalyst on any other shared provider so
I can't confirm the claims made by others earlier in this list. If I
remember properly they were saying that although dreamhost offers explicit
support for catalyst they servers are not very responsive.

BTW, I listed two people in this mailing list as my referrals, you should
have gotten a little discount on your fees :)

I don't have write access to the wiki, so I comment below.

Name: a small orange
Type: Shared, VPS
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Key features: FastCGI(untested), shell access, good technical support,
responsive servers, unlimited mysql and sqlite databases

asmallorange shared hosting plans start at $25/year  (75M space) for the
"Tiny" plan. They don't officially support catalyst but they offer ssh
access on request, which makes it relatively easy to install catalyst from
CPAN. Read the "shared hosting" section of the Catalyst Cookbook for
details. BTW, many thanks to people in #catalyst who helped me through the
installation. The technical support at asmallorange were also very kind,
helpful and quick to respond. I ended up asking them to install DBD::SQLite
because I had trouble getting it installed locally, and they did.

If you want to install everything related to Catalyst you might need to get
the next plan, since compiling everything requires quite a bit of space,
with the "Small" plan you get 400MB for $50/year. Altough I have this plan I
ended up installing just the bare minimum stuff, and I have now a working
Catalyst application with DBIx::Class and TT which uses 5.2MB of space but
the .cpan directory uses 37M more.


On 8/11/07, Michele Beltrame < mb at italpro.net> wrote:
> Hello all!
> I created a page on the Catalyst wiki containing a (commented) list of the
> providers we used/are using to deploy Catalyst apps. Hopefully, it'll
> become a
> good reference point. This is the address:
> http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/Hosting
> Please add your comments and/or your providers. If you add a comment, put
> yours
> as the first one. When you're done commenting, please update the main page
> as
> well with the new rating and number of comments.
> If you don't have write access to the wiki, you can just send me the
> information
> via e-mail and I'll add it.
> Thanks everybody!
> Michele.
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