[Catalyst] New website using Catalyst

Tobias Kremer list at funkreich.de
Wed Aug 22 09:10:45 GMT 2007

> Evaldas Imbrasas wrote:
> > I would like to annouce the launch of a new website using Catalyst
> > (along with DBIC and Template Toolkit):
> > EVO: eco-friendly products, services, and information
> > http://www.evo.com/
> > Please feel free to add our website to the growing list of websites
> > using Catalyst at http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/ .
> Looks like a cool site.  I added it to

Yeah, I really like it, too! Nice work.

> http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/LiveApplications

By the way: Why isn't vox.com included on the list? Would be a cool reference.
Or is there an approval by SixApart needed?


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