[Catalyst] New website using Catalyst

Evaldas Imbrasas evaldas at imbrasas.com
Wed Aug 22 19:15:56 GMT 2007

> This looks great.  Would you care to share any more info about the
> implementation?  Are you using FormBuilder or Imager, for example?  I
> see you're using YUI.  How did you find it?  I'm using it on a couple
> of upcoming projects.


We use C::P::HTML::Widget for forms. Its integration with
Catalyst/DBIC saved a great deal of time and effort, especially on the
admin part of the application. HTML::FormFu seems to be the new player
on the block, but it wasn't ready for the primetime yet when we
started developing our app. We deal with images using

I really like YUI. JQuery was my original choice for a JavaScript
framework, but I was quickly turned off by its 'hacky' nature,
disorganized docs, and plugins that were rather buggy and not well
documented. YUI is much more consistent, it has graded browser
support, and excellent docs. Also, the code written using YUI seems to
be much more maintainable, especially if you adopt the 'Module
Pattern': http://yuiblog.com/blog/2007/06/12/module-pattern/

Evaldas Imbrasas

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