[Catalyst] A Perl Message Queue?

Alan Humphrey alan.humphrey at comcast.net
Thu Aug 23 16:53:28 GMT 2007

> To give some idea, here's a couple of common products in the commercial
> world:
> IBM's MQSeries (now called WebSphere MQ)
> http://www-306.ibm.com/software/integration/wmq/features/
> BEA MessageQ:
> http://www.bea.com/framework.jsp?CNT=index.htm&FP=/content/products/mor
> e/messageq
> If you search CPAN Distributions for the word Queue, you get 35 hits
> that range all over the feature map for a queuing system, including
> interfaces to some of the commercial systems.

There's also Simple Queue Service offered by Amazon:


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