[Catalyst] DBIx question

Will Smith willbelair at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 15:57:50 GMT 2007

Hi, I know this is not the room for DBIx, I tried to post in DBIx, but did not go through, so, if you don't mind, please do not bounce me out.
 my question is:
 I have a multiple join, and trying to sort the dataset using oder_by, and get either error, or do not sort.
 my code is:
     # table: calls,property,city . property has many calls, city has many property,   calls belong to property, property belong to city
     my $rs = [$c->model('myappDB::City')->search(
       'calls.CallerID' => '1',
       'calls.CallStatusID' => '0'
        order_by => 'city.CityName'
       join => { 'property' => 'calls'
 How can I sort by CityName ?
 Thank you.
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