[Catalyst] Attribute::Handlers wont work in own classes under catalyst

Brian Cassidy brian.cassidy at nald.ca
Wed Aug 29 19:11:37 GMT 2007

Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann wrote:
> we have build some classes with Attribute::Handlers (was inspired from 
> Attribute::Property)
> This works realy fine!
> after a few tests we gone use this classes under catalyst ... and ... 
> dont work :-/ under catalyst our classes dont use Attribute::Handlers 
> :-/ we declare UNIVERSAL::Property and then use "sub nondigit : Property 
> { defined && !m{[0-9]} }" (see the code)
> then you can call: $obj->nondigit(4) and it will croak or 
> $obj->nondigit("car") and it will set the object-property nondigit to 
> "car".

I'm gonna stop right here because it seems like you're trying to 
re-invent Moose in some round-about way.

Take a look at the simple "Point" example [1] plus the docs for 
TypeConstraints [2].

I'd trying to help with your existing code, but it makes my eyes bleed. :)


[1] http://search.cpan.org/~stevan/Moose-0.25/lib/Moose/Cookbook/Recipe1.pod

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