[Catalyst] Re: memory usage of mod_perl process

Peter Edwards peter at dragonstaff.com
Fri Feb 9 09:54:20 GMT 2007

>Are you hitting the database very hard?  Complex joins?  Are your pages
very complex?
No, it's a fairly simple backend processor that mostly handles XML
transactions for a Flash frontend. There are some XHTML admin pages
generated with Template::Toolkit (and so are slower) but they are rarely

For the database a typical run hits a session table, user table, writes a
log table and reads data from a couple of other tables. No complex joins.
The app handles user registration, some league tables, polls, competition
entries and users submitting images that are approved and shown on the site.

In this case I knew there was the potential for a huge number of users so
went for a lightweight approach that could easily be tuned further. For a
more complex app with fewer peak users I'd have used Catalyst.

Regards, Peter

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