[Catalyst] Sharing session and login data

Ian Docherty catalyst at iandocherty.com
Wed Feb 28 14:14:37 GMT 2007

I might be asking the blindingly obvious, but do the two applications 
use the same domain?

If not sessions will not work between them because the session ID is 
normally stored in a cookie which cannot be passed between domains.

You may have to pass the cookie in the URL in that case.

Ian (icydee)

Tiziano Faion wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've got a trouble in sharing data session betweeb two catalyst
> applications.
> The First one is an intranet software where user log in.
> The second one is a production monitoring software.
> In intranet i've a link that opens, in the same window, the second app.
> Two apps shares same database for user and roles.
> Now..
> If i login into intranet and i go to the second app. i lose my login and
> role information.
> I hoped that setting the same path for session in yaml  for both
> applications would be enough but...
> Any suggestion? Link? 
> Thanks in advance 
> Tiziano 

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