[Catalyst] IMPORTANT: Catalyst::Plugin::FormBuilder obsoleted by::Controller::FormBuilder

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 16:00:49 GMT 2007

May I come with another suggestion?

I think the best would be to include in the Catalyst::Manual::Intro a list 
of "recommended modules" to use in Catalyst apps.
Those modules could be Controllers, plugins, and other modules which are 
recommended to be used. If there are debates about which of some modules for 
a certain takk should be used, all those modules should be presented, maybe 
even with a few words about each one.

This way, a new user will see the recommended list of modules right after he 
installs Catalyst, and finds what's good and what's not recommended to use.

On a new Catalyst version, that list might be changed if it would be 


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> On 1/3/07, Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek <rs at 474.at> wrote:
>> Daniel McBrearty wrote:
>> > another thing : doesn't that imply that you have to install the
>> > deprecated plugin before the DepPlugins Plugin jumps up an says "you
>> > shouldn't ha' done that jimmy ..." (presumably before breathing
>> > alcohol at you and pissing in your flower pots).
>> What's "that"? I didn't say that. Firstly people surely will have to
>> install it themselves, later on it can be included or required by
>> -Devel. But people would also need to check the Wiki for every plugin
>> they decide to use, and regularly revisit and check against their
>> existing apps.
> If I have this right, the plugin :
> - looks at the list of installed stuff at runtime
> - compares against %known_good_list or %black_list
> - warns when it decides something is wrong ...
> so "that" implies you don't know there's a problem until you've
> installed that problem. My idea was that is better to be able to not
> make the mistake in the first place. But given what you said about the
> list needing to be in POD, that is possible.
> the only issue I see is that the list itself needs to be updateable -
> I guess there needs to be some sort of central mechanism ... I just
> saw your other message.
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