[Catalyst] Browser window/tab independent sessions

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 16:23:09 GMT 2007

Well, it seems that Internet Explorer doesn't work that way.

Here are the steps:
I have opened a window with the main page of the site.
No cookie file was created.
I have logged on.
No cookie file was created, even though it was sent, and the login was 
I have opened another window with the same main URL.
It asked again for the username and the password, so the session was not 
available to the second window.
I have logged on using another username.
No session file was created but the login was successful this time also.


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> Octavian Rasnita wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Maybe I didn't understand well the question, but if the user wants to 
>> create a session that works only in a certain window, but doesn't work in 
>> the other windows, a simple cookie can be used if its expiry date is set 
>> to 0.
>> This way the cookie won't be saved, but it will be memorised by the 
>> current window of the browser, and if the browser window is closed, the 
>> session ID is lost, and the user must log in again for creating another 
>> session.
>> Same thing if he wants to use another window.
>> Isn't this what is needed?
>> Octavian
> No, setting it to 0 just ensures that when the *browser* is closed the 
> cookie is removed. A cookie set in one window is available to all windows 
> of that browser and all windows/tabs have the same cookie (and hence the 
> same session).
> Regards
> Ian C. Docherty (IcyDee)
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