[Catalyst] Re: creating a model

Lee Standen nom at standen.id.au
Tue Jan 16 07:51:11 GMT 2007

lern2putty :D

There's an option to turn on X11 forwarding, and it works :)

Marcello Romani wrote:
> A. Pagaltzis ha scritto:
>> * Marcello Romani <mromani at ottotecnica.com> [2007-01-15 14:15]:
>>> I usually do Cygwin/X, xhost +, then ssh into linux box, export
>>> DISPLAY and type startkde.
>> You know that you can have SSH forward X so that none of the
>> extra steps are necessary? (Plus your session is encrypted and
>> the X server isn’t open to the world either.)
>> Regards,
> I knew this, but I never tried for 2 reasons: the "network" is a simple 
> cable (no switch) across the room (no need fo encryption) and that's how 
> I learned it awhile ago, so I just did what I was used to.
> Thanks for pointing that out, though. I will try it today.

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