[Catalyst] DBIx::Class 0.07999_04 (Release Candidate)

Brandon Black blblack at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 15:16:25 GMT 2007

Hi all,

We're starting up the release candidate cycle for DBIx::Class 0.08000,
it needs testing, especially for unintended regressions from the
0.0700x series.  Please give 0.07999_04 a try and report any issues to
dbix-class at lists.rawmode.org in a new thread.  0.08000 has been a long
time coming, and packs a ton of new features and improvements.

While it's on the way to your nearest CPAN mirror, you can grab a copy at:


These are the Changes entries so far for the dev branch leading to
0.08 (including ones from past 0.07999_0x releases):

0.07999_04 2007-06-01 14:04:00
        - pulled in Replication storage from branch and marked EXPERIMENTAL
        - fixup to ensure join always LEFT after first LEFT join depthwise
        - converted the vendor tests to use schema objects intead of schema
          classes, made cleaned more reliable with END blocks
        - versioning support via DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned
        - find/next now return undef rather than () on fail from Bernhard Graf
        - rewritten collapse_result to fix prefetch
        - moved populate to resultset
        - added support for creation of related rows via insert and populate
        - transaction support more robust now in the face of varying AutoCommit
          and manual txn_begin usage
        - unbreak back-compat for Row/ResultSet->new_result
        - Added Oracle/WhereJoins.pm for Oracle >= 8 to support
          Oracle <= 9i, and provide Oracle with a better join method for
          later versions.  (I use the term better loosely.)
        - The SQL::T parser class now respects a relationship attribute of
          is_foreign_key_constrain to allow explicit control over wether or
          not a foreign constraint is needed
        - resultset_class/result_class now (again) auto loads the specified
          class; requires Class::Accessor::Grouped 0.05002+
        - added get_inflated_columns to Row
        - %colinfo accessor and inflate_column now work together
        - More documentation updates
        - Error messages from ->deploy made more informative
        - connect_info will now always return the arguments it was
          originally given
        - A few small efficiency improvements for load_classes
          and compose_namespace

0.07999_02 2007-01-25 20:11:00
        - add support for binding BYTEA and similar parameters (w/Pg impl)
        - add support to Ordered for multiple ordering columns
        - mark DB.pm and compose_connection as deprecated
        - switch tests to compose_namespace
        - ResltClass::HashRefInflator added
        - Changed row and rs objects to not have direct handle to a source,
          instead a (schema,source_name) tuple of type ResultSourceHandle

0.07999_01 2006-10-05 21:00:00
        - add connect_info option "disable_statement_caching"
        - create insert_bulk using execute_array, populate uses it
        - added DBIx::Class::Schema::load_namespaces, alternative to
        - added source_info method for source-level metadata (kinda like
        - Some of ::Storage::DBI's code/docs moved to ::Storage
        - DBIx::Class::Schema::txn_do code moved to ::Storage
        - Storage::DBI now uses exceptions instead of ->ping/->{Active} checks
        - Storage exceptions are thrown via the schema class's throw_exception
        - DBIx::Class::Schema::throw_exception's behavior can be modified via
        - columns_info_for is deprecated, and no longer runs automatically.
          You can make it work like before via
          __PACKAGE__->column_info_from_storage(1) for now
        - Replaced DBIx::Class::AccessorGroup and Class::Data::Accessor with
          Class::Accessor::Grouped. Only user noticible change is to
          table_class on ResultSourceProxy::Table (i.e. table objects in
          schemas) and, resultset_class and result_class in ResultSource.
          These accessors no longer automatically require the classes when

Happy Hacking,
-- Brandon

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