[Catalyst] debug mode

Matthew Pitts mpitts at a3its.com
Mon Jun 4 16:22:53 GMT 2007

I wrote a cheap little plugin for my app to override $c->debug to return
the debug flag from $c->config->{debug}. As such:

package MyApp::Plugin::DebugMode;

sub debug {
    my $c = shift;

    return $c->config->{debug} || 0;


Then I just add a "debug: 1" line to my DEV/QA/UAT configs and make it
"debug: 0" for my PROD config. It's been working pretty well for me.


Matt Pitts

On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 15:51 +0100, mark wrote:
> I thought a nice way would be to be able to specify it in the config
> file; then your _local.yml file could add it for the dev environment.
> Yet to produce a patch for that though it should be pretty straight
> forwards.
> Mark
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> From: John Goulah [mailto:jgoulah at gmail.com] 
> Sent: 04 June 2007 15:32
> To: The elegant MVC web framework
> Subject: [Catalyst] debug mode
> What is the best way to deal with the -Debug flag between a production
> and development environment?  Obviously its not desirable to go into
> the file and remove the flag every time the code goes to prod.   I see
> you can start the stanalone server with -d to force debug.  I think I
> remember about an environment variable to set debug also.  Is the
> preferred method to take the hardcoded flag out and use one of these,
> or is there another way (such as a config option)?  How are people
> dealing with this? 
> Thanks,
> John
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