[Catalyst] debug mode

Dylan Vanderhoof DylanV at semaphore.com
Mon Jun 4 20:55:01 GMT 2007

You can put the following in MyApp.pm:
# Allow debug to be set via myapp_local.yml
sub debug { __PACKAGE__->config->{debug} }

Then setting debug: 1 in the yaml file will use debug mode.

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	I thought a nice way would be to be able to specify it in the
config file; then your _local.yml file could add it for the dev
environment. Yet to produce a patch for that though it should be pretty
straight forwards.


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	What is the best way to deal with the -Debug flag between a
production and development environment?  Obviously its not desirable to
go into the file and remove the flag every time the code goes to prod.
I see you can start the stanalone server with -d to force debug.  I
think I remember about an environment variable to set debug also.  Is
the preferred method to take the hardcoded flag out and use one of
these, or is there another way (such as a config option)?  How are
people dealing with this? 

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