[Catalyst] Project Opportunity

Jmax jmax at gnaa.us
Wed Jun 6 21:45:46 GMT 2007

Greetings Catalyst Developers,

I have been working with a friend of mine on a website of his, which has
quite a bit of traffic, and a large community.  We are in need of a
second developer, and are hoping that one of you would be interested.

The better part of, if not all of, the application will be open source
(same terms as perl - artistic/gpl), and will consist primarily of a
forums and wiki, with a few slight twists.  There will be some
compensation for the chosen developer to work with me on this project,
however, it won't be much as it will be evenly split between us two.
The entire terms will be discussed between us at a later point.

"Advanced" Perl skills and some Catalyst experience is required.  A good
grasp of design patterns, efficiency concerns and aforethought, and
debugging patience is also required.  Web scripting and markup
experience is also required;  Design skills are not.  Knowledge of TT2,
DBIx::Class, Postgresql, YAML, and experience in any other programming
language is preffered, but not required.  They're fairly easy to pick
up.  This is a good position for a great programmer who may not
necessarily have a lot of experience, or a programmer who is  interested
in brushing up their Catalyst and/or web skills; or perhaps a programmer
who is looking for a fun side project.

If you're still interested (and I hope you are) please email me, and
we'll discuss your abilities and compensation.

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