[Catalyst] Catalyst::Request::Upload - uploadtmp

Tobias Kremer list at funkreich.de
Fri Jun 8 15:09:52 GMT 2007

The manpage of Catalyst::Request::Upload suggests the following:


To specify where Catalyst should put the temporary files, set the 'uploadtmp'
option in the Catalyst config. If unset, Catalyst will use the system temp dir.

__PACKAGE__->config( uploadtmp => '/path/to/tmpdir' );


Unfortunately this doesn't work for me (all file uploads are placed in the
system default location, e.g. /tmp).

Now, there's this in Catalyst::Engine:

#321: $c->request->{_body}->{tmpdir} = $c->config->{uploadtmp}

But HTTP::Body::MultiPart doesn't consider $self->{tmpdir} in its call to
File::Temp. Looks like tmpdir isn't used at all and really should be added
as an object method to avoid poking in the HTTP::Body object.

Have I misunderstood the purpose of uploadtmp? If not, I'd be happy to
provide patches for HTTP::Body::MultiPart and Catalyst::Engine.



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