[Catalyst] Silently failing PageCache with Cache::FastMmap

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Wed Jun 13 04:00:48 GMT 2007

On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 06:11:09PM -0700, apv wrote:
> On my dev box, with the test server and with apache/fcgi, PageCache  
> is working fine. On my live box (with DreamHost, test and apache/ 
> fcgi), it's reporting that it's caching
>   [debug] Caching page / for 300 seconds
> but it reports it for every request instead of serving out of the  
> cache for X seconds after the first request.
> I've looked through the debug output and the POD for all the related  
> files. Can't figure it out or find any related info in mailing list  
> archive. I updated all my related Cache modules and I believe  
> everything that's running is current.
> The app is loading these
>                 Cache::FastMmap
>                 PageCache
> last, after session and such.

Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::* are deprecated, use Catalyst::Plugin::Cache.

Also note FastMmap will silently drop any object larger than its page size.

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