[Catalyst] Catalyst job in Philadelphia, PA

Hans Dieter Pearcey hdp at pobox.com
Thu Jun 14 21:17:01 GMT 2007

IC Group is looking for a new programmer for the web interface to our services.
You might know us as Pobox.com or Listbox.com; we've been around since before
the Internet was cool, offering all kinds of email-related services.  We want
to bring our web interfaces up to speed with present-day standards and make
them more flexible to cope with the future.

We're looking for someone who has experience designing and implementing complex
web applications.  If you're that person: you should know how to write
JavaScript -- using reusable libraries like Dojo, MochiKit, etc., not just an
onClick here and there.  You should know how to write your own reusable code.
You should be excited when we tell you that we like to see our code tested and

We're a small company located in center city Philadelphia.  You'll need to live
nearby and come into the office a couple times a week -- but it's a pretty
comfortable and casual office, so don't panic.  Our software runs on unixy
operating systems, uses MySQL for most of its backend storage, and is written
primarily in Perl.  Familiarity with these would be a big plus, especially if
you already know Catalyst or Mason, our primary web frameworks.  If not, just
show us that you can pick them up quickly.

Please send resume (plain text or html preferred, not Word docs) to
jobs at icgroup.com.  Please include code samples or links to your
publically-available code.


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