[Catalyst] Project Opportunity, paid gig

Paul Henrich paul at worldhive.net
Mon Jun 18 19:28:16 GMT 2007


I am presently working on a Catalyst application for a publisher of  
financial information. The application will be used to input data  
from annual reports, validate this data, and ultimately export the  
data in LaTeX for printing and in another view for more interactive  
online use.

I need assistance from someone who can quickly develop validating  
CRUD forms for the financial data itself. I have spent some time  
working with various form systems, but I am unable to come up with an  
elegant, quick solution. Hopefully this is an easy project for a Perl/ 
Catalyst veteran. This is a paying contract.

So far I have:

Converted the clients old FoxPro database to a PostgreSQL database
	(it still has a somewhat archaic, less than relational structure,  
but is better than it was in FP)
Created a bare bones model using DBIC,
Dealt with CRUD for non-financial parts of the model (using  
HTML::Widget and DBIx::Class::HTMLWidget)
Experimented with HTMLWidget and FormBuilder for the financial data.

If you are interested, please send me your qualifications and the  
rate you would charge. At that point I can show you through some of  
the code so that you can estimate the hours needed to complete the  
assigned portion of the project. I have seen similar posts on this  
list, so I assume that this is an appropriate venue. I apologize in  
advance if it is not.

Paul Henrich

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