[Catalyst] setup() called twice

Daniel McBrearty danielmcbrearty at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 12:29:04 GMT 2007

> I'm not sharing the dunce's cap though, you can get your own made.

You want to be careful with those things ... they can have nasty side
effects apparently :

"Well, one of the more mystical things Duns accepted was the wearing
of conical hats to increase learning. He noted that wizards supposedly
wore such things; an apex was considered a symbol of knowledge and the
hats were thought to "funnel" knowledge to the wearer. Once humanism
gained the upper hand, Duns Scotus's teachings were despised and the
"dunce cap" became identified with ignorance rather than learning."


(yeah, no wonder I don't get any work done this morning ...)


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