missing SOAP (was: Re: [Catalyst] plat_forms report published on June 20th. 2007. Geneva team on Catalyst wins the Perl track.)

Thomas Klausner domm at cpan.org
Wed Jun 20 20:54:03 GMT 2007


On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 09:39:47PM +0200, C?dric Bouvier wrote:
> To me, it seems that the "enterprise" world take it for granted that
> SOAP is a synonym for web services, the only way to go, whereas the
> Perl community generaly considers it as useless and as heavy as a dead
> donkey. Still, we would definitely benefit from having a decent
> Catalyst::Plugin to handle that.

Not only as a Catalyst plugin, but a proper and working SOAP / WSDL 
implementation is IMO the one thing that's lacking on CPAN that realy 

SOAP::Lite is a joke (I tried it a few times, and it never worked and 
has a very clumsy interface).

Mark Overmeer seems to be working on something, called 
XML::Compile::SOAP, but it says 
  **WARNING** Implementation not finished: not usable!!
right at the start.

I'm quite confident that eg the TPF would accept a grant proposal on 
implementing (parts of) SOAP / WSDL. (Well, I'm on the grant comitee and 
I'd vote for it (unless the proposal was utter crap..)).

IMO the main problem is that SOAP is hard and really annoying to 
implement (I usually resolve to templates to generate SOAP request, 
because XML does drive me crazy). But if we'd have a proper 
implementation, a lot of (big business) things would be a lot easier to 
do in Perl. 

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