[Catalyst] Re: iterating ResultSet in controller vs. template

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Thu Jun 21 12:04:49 GMT 2007

* John Goulah <jgoulah at gmail.com> [2007-06-20 23:15]:
> Your reading of this thread is evidently superficial since it
> was answered several times over with _much_ more helpful
> answers.

It would have been a sign of superficial reading had I repeated
everyone else’s sufficient advice.

> Sorry if I opened my ignorant mouth, but I thought it fit into
> this list since it dealt with model, view, and controller code.

What I said wasn’t intended as a put-down, but as advice. Sorry
if it wasn’t more delicately put, but I don’t know how I could
have flower-draped it. Whether you get offended and huff or take
it at face value and follow it is up to you; consider which
course of action would benefit you more. I don’t care either way.
If you have further questions I and others will be glad to answer
them, and if you decide to tell me to go to hell, well *shrug*.

Your call.

Aristotle Pagaltzis // <http://plasmasturm.org/>

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