[Catalyst] Custom error

Evaldas Imbrasas evaldas at imbrasas.com
Mon Jun 25 18:27:05 GMT 2007

Yes, that's what I meant, thanks Brian. Please provide a code example
using RenderView action. I think it would also make sense to
incorporate that example into the Catalyst cookbook instead of
existing one since that one's incomplete.

> I think what Evaldas means is that an error (template not found, etc)
> in the View rendering stage will not be caught by the method in the
> Cookbook.
> I am away from my code at the moment, but IIRC the trick is to check
> $c->error AFTER you forward to MyApp::V::TT (or after the RenderView
> action) and then setup your error.tt template and forward to the view
> again.
> If that doesn't make sense I can provide a code example later.

Evaldas Imbrasas

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