[Catalyst] Proper way to perform cleanups on server shutdown?

Alvar Freude alvar at a-blast.org
Wed Jun 27 23:20:02 GMT 2007


-- John Napiorkowski <jjn1056 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'm finding that the way I usually catch shutdown
> signals to perform cleanup is not working.  Setting
> %SIG handlers doesn't seem to do it and I'm not
> finding that DESTROY methods are getting fired off in
> the expected way.

and what about and END {}  block?

I don't know for Catalyst, but for a non web application with ithreads =

this works good for me.

> So what I'm looking for is advice about the proper way
> to shutdown the development server and Catalyst apps
> running under Apache and how to trap those events both
> globally (say in my MyAPP.pm module) and in
> components.  I need this so I can do some
> housekeeping, etc.

for mod_perl there are handlers for server shutdown. But this doesn't =

work for your test app ;-)


-- =

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